Why we have to work together

Harm Jan Arendshorst, Chief Strategy Officer Uqudo, Founder Ilabs: “It is devastating, the impact of Covid-19 the world. So, I am really excited to see how we can work together in public private partnerships on the innovation sides to build a digital platform to reopen the skies and save lives! We do this not by developing ‘just an APP’, but by open innovation where we establish touchless and biometric traveling and access to events. Because we want to throw the people out of isolation and out of their homes to let them enjoy life!

Paul Iske, Founder Knowledge-conscious Management. “We are with many and often we come together at the same moment at the same place to enjoy, to work, to travel, to learn, to shop, etc. And we want this to happen with maximum safety, pleasure and convenience. The value at stake is huge: we can pick up and continue our social lives in a responsible way, in which occasionally we are part of a crowd. Organizations will benefit because they can offer their guests the right environment for the best experience, with efficient and safe crowd management.

To achieve this, we need smart and responsible tools, resulting from ‘combinatoric innovation’ In which latest insights in AI (Additional Intelligence), Privacy and Service Science are combined. I am very enthusiastic about the approach taken by the consortium and I am happy to provide input and feedback to speed up the realization of its mission, so that where possible, we can enjoy being together.”


This is a pilot supported by the Dutch government. The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy is constantly looking for ways to support collaboration that grows and scales high tech solutions for global challenges. When we work together, we can quickly build a system to create possibilities during – and after – the Covid-19 Pandemic. This can be part of an actual total People Flow solution where we will be working on in the value track for the coming years. 

Tess Rutgers, Founder Value Track Network: “Prevent this waste of investment and brilliant inventions by building a 360-degree stakeholder loop around innovative solutions we ALL want and we ALL need.” The Value Track Network aims to increase the impact of high tech solutions to global challenges. Supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate, the Value Track ‘People Flows’ enables multi-stakeholder collaboration to bring both opportunities and constraints to the surface. This way we can work together on market breakthroughs to deliver an actual integrated solution for people to move from A to B in a safe, secure and comfortable way. It’s not just a one-off event triggered by Covid-19 challenges but this is a significant opportunity that goes beyond.

“Working with equal partners, under the wings of the Dutch government, gives so much energy. This just has to come out good.”

Theo Breuers, CEO of COMPO Software



COMPO Software

Biometric recognition


Authenticated identity management


Knowledge-conscious Management

Social responsibility

Tessa Blankers, Postdoctural Researcher University of Amsterdam. It has become clear that behavioral interventions are of top priority to combat the current crisis. At the same time, we know that behavior is highly context dependent and currently, the context is changing at an unprecedented pace. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to find ways to investigate what interventions work best in promoting desirable behavior in the current situation. To directly test the effectiveneness of different interventions.


We are looking for partners to strengthen our team in this ValueTrack project, backed by the Dutch Government!

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