CoronaCheck and fast? Is that even possible?

It ain’t nothing, having to take Corona measures into account in your staffing and communication to comply with all regulations for your event. As a PeopleFlows team (born from a unique collaboration between COMPO Software, various startups and sprint teams) we have joined forces and tried to bring the best of different worlds together.

We guarantee the speed of the CoronaCheck by keeping the identity check of your visitors away from your event. We boost the speed of access control by using facial recognition. And we ensure the Covid-19 measures by enabling contactless access control.

That’s PeopleFlows, and we’ll take care of the FastLane during your event.

The magic that cuts the lines

Together with the team, we entered into discussions with organizers of many different types of events and theater halls. Frustration arises at the entry because of the time that creeps into checking the ID card at the gate. And party people often don’t have these with them…

In conclusion, we can say that the identity check is not done accurately. We all want to be fast, we want to let the intrusive partygoers in as quickly as possible and as an organization we especially don’t want to hold our – usually – volunteers responsible.

We are not even talking about the laws and regulations in various countries that state that unauthorized citizens are not even allowed to ask for an ID card from their fellow citizens.

SO! To shorten that queue at your entrance… it is necessary that the oh-so-important ID check no longer takes place at the entrance, but that it is done by software that is made for that purpose and integrated into the registration process.

Yes! Your visitor simply does the ID check himself… using a clever piece of technology.

At home on the couch
(not you, your visitors).

Download the PeopleFlows app
downloading 100%
Create an account (only done once)
registrating 100%
Upload passport or ID
uploading and verifying 100%
Smile and take a selfie
keep smiling 100%
Account complete!
Yeah! 100%
Grant permission for using your data at the event
downloading 100%

Smooth path straight to the bar (again not you... your visitors)

  1. Arrival at the fast lane entrance gate
  2. The camera uses facial recognition to recognize the visitor.
  3. Visitors show their international Corona QR code in front of the camera.
  4. GREEN! Visitor may continue. Orange or red? Follow instructions.
  5. Let’s go for that first drink.

Alright, let's go! (yes, YOU! The organizer)

Informing visitors is key, as an organization you know that like no other. As a PeopleFlows Team, we try to take this information off your hands as best as possible so we’ll provide you with some dummy texts you can use and tweak in your own style. 

We take into account that not every event is the same. That is why we have developed various access control methods so that we can look for the most suitable solution together with you.

  • A free-to-install PeopleFlows Access app on a simple tablet you have.
  • A rented tablet incl. stand and we will take care of the installation on location.
  • Multiple events? Buy a PeopleFlows access unit from us.

Ok, you are convinced!

But we get it…

Facial recognition, asking your visitors for an extra action by downloading an app in advance and creating an account. It sounds like a lot, but it ensures that you can make the access go smoothly.

Contact us and together we will look for the best possible solution (both practical and financial).

The PeopleFlows team