What about all these people coming from everywhere?

Okay, you’re making the decision to use PeopleFlow’s access control, but what about all that communication? After all, you are dealing with visitors from all over the world, some are not vaccinated, others have an outdated test. Some have a ‘QR code’ that is not European… sigh…

How do you deal with that ? The overview below will help you map out the scenarios and our team will be happy to help you implement them!

And as a reminder the link to our Fast Lane application and the steps a visitor must go through before the event.

Define your visitors

If you have international visitors, it’s quite an art to know what to do, especially how PeopleFlows fits into your operational flow and makes your life alittle bit easier.

We define 2 major categories in the people flows.

  1. Visitors with a valid EU DCC QR Code
  2. Visitors without a valid EU DCC QR Code (People from outside the EU or people who are not vaccinated or don’t have a recent negative test)
Valid EU QR-Code
Visitors in this category have a valid "QR Code".
Their entrance
NON-EU Citizen & Last minute tests
These visitors do not have an EU QR Code and need it to enter the event.
Their entrance

What PeopleFlows can do for you!

It is also simply too much for an organization to take into account. As you can see on our website, we specialize in organizing people flows from A to Z. In this specific case, we answer your questions regarding the CoronaCheck (the Netherlands), testing on location and, above all, ensuring as little as possible hindrance.

In a nutshell, we take the following off your hands with our team:

  1. PeopleFlows access control including EU DCC QR code check based on facial recognition and pre-registration of your visitors.
  2. Coordination on location that ensures the correct execution of the CoronaCheck check for those who do not use the Fast Lane based on PeopleFlows facial recognition.
  3. Facilitate and coordinate Covd-19 tests on location.