How to inform your NON-EU visitors?

These visitors do not have an EU QR Code and must generate it by having a corona test before the event. In the Netherlands ‘Testing for Access’ is an accessible platform (, but you can of course also have your visitors tested on location. 

In theory it is very simple. EVERYONE must have a valid EU DCC Code. If they do not have it from their home country (because they come from outside the EU), they must ensure that they generate one in the Netherlands. And you can do that by getting tested.

2 options for your NON-EU visitors:

  2. PeopleFlows test station at your entrance

PeopleFlows is excellent in ensuring flawless processes in the administrative operation of, among other things, covid-19 test streets. Due to our good cooperation with test providers, we can provide Covid-19 tests on location of your event in a simple and scalable way.

Visitors can be tested and – if the test is negative – gain direct access to the event… a few meters further!

If your visitors don’t have a DCC or are from outside the EU, they will need a negative test result to attend your event. They have to book an  appointment on time!

PeopleFlows Test Lane

Of course there are always visitors who have not been able to get their test in advance. They can still visit your event, because you use PeopleFlow’s test lane at your entrance!

  1. Visitors go to the test street.
  2. Personal data is registered.
  3. The test is taken by a certified nurse.
  4. The test result is noted and sent encrypted by email to the visitor and printed on location for direct access to the event.