Are you attending an event soon where they will be using the PeopleFlows FastLane access control? Then you have been asked to create a PeopleFlows account. On this page we give you information how you can do this, luckily you only have to do this once. Are you going to visit another event where PeopleFlows will be used? Then you already have everything and you only have to give permission in the app that we can use your data at that event! Easy!

Do you still have questions while going through the steps? Please contact our helpdesk at and we will help you get back on track quickly.


Go to the Playstore
Go to the Appstore


When opening the app, click ‘REGISTER’ and take notice of the message regarding the protection of your idenity.


Choose a username and password (keep in mind the password requirements). 


This step contains a number of security steps for your data. We call this ‘2 way verification’. First enter your email address and then enter the code you received at that email address. Then you enter your mobile number (this does not have to be the mobile number of the phone you are currently registering the account on), and enter the verification code you received again.


Fill in your name and birthdate. We will need this later on to verify your Covid-19 certificate (International QR code).


This step contains some magic and ensures that you no longer have to show your ID card when entering a location. First choose which identity document you will use and follow the steps on the screen. Then the app will ask you to take a selfie. Do this in daylight and preferably take off your glasses. If everything goes well, you will receive the message on the screen and your account has been registered. Is something wrong? Choose manual validation and our helpdesk staff will contact you as soon as possible.

Still have some questions about the security of your data? Download our white paper or contact us.


Under the PERMISSIONS menu item, tick the event you would like to access. In this way, your information will be used for access and you can use PeopleFlows to access your event or venue.