What's the solution all about?

The challenge

The world has entered a phase where tough government guidelines are imposed for entrepreneurs from all industries and we crave tools that provide support and completeness. PeopleFlows is a tool that combines authentic users, test results and access control into an integral solution for the entrepreneur and the user.

The solution

PeopleFlows is the most effective tool for solving the challenges of contactless access control management in a world that will continue to have to deal with ongoing threats of large scale viral & bacterial contaminations for the free movement of people. How? Through a GDPR compliant integration of multiple authentication processes, including biometric characteristics, personal ID data and encrypted access to vaccination & health testing databases, that leaves the private user of this tool in full control where their personal info is used.

We want to connect with public & private users for our unique PeopleFlows solution, as well as with OEM’s of a broad range of products and electronic devices for contactless access control management solutions for any type of venue.


Combining forces

We all have partial solutions; these are still separate systems with their own dataset / database.


Processing unit controls gate

The data that comes from the different databases/sources are interpreted in the Processing Unit. It is that unit that controls the gate ones a person is recognized by the biometric algorythm.



Full user control! The user-friendly app gives the user the ability to decide where his/her face can be used. Seamless, instant & unconditional recognition! Expandable to any biometric glimpse.


Solid identity management

Uqudo, the most innovative digital identity company offers an authenticated and verified identity management kit! A next generation AI-powered trusted Identity as a Service as part of the total solution.


Open for collaboration

Do you have an innovation that can fit in our overall people flows project? Join us and be part of this adventure!


We are looking for partners to strengthen our team in this ValueTrack project, backed by the Dutch Government!

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