Cut the lines with PeopleFlows

As a PeopleFlows team (born from a unique collaboration between COMPO Software, various startups and sprint teams) we have joined forces and brought the best of different worlds together.

We guarantee the speed of the CoronaCheck by keeping the identity check of your visitors away from your event. Boost the speed of access control by using facial recognition. Ensuring the Covid-19 measures by enabling contactless access control.

That’s PeopleFlows, and we’ll take care of the FastLane during your event.

Step 1 is to inform your visitors. Make them aware that a valid EU DCC code is necessary to visit an event in the Netherlands. More information on the official website.

We’ve developed the most effective tool for contactless access control, were the CoronaCheck is integrated in the flow!  A user with a valid EU DCC code can easily create a free account on PeopleFlows. The access control will be faster and the identity check will be done in advance instead of at the door! Check out this easy guide for your visitors.

For those people who have not created a PeopleFlows account, you need to provide a ‘slow lane’. These people enter through their valid QR code and passport. The person at the access control will have to check the QR code and establish the identity. Expect delays! Want to know more about the fast lane? Check this out: Fast Lane!

An event using PeopleFlows Acces!

Our access control is now being used at several events. It is fantastic to see that the use of facial recognition offers many advantages for the organization, but also for the visitor. By having the identity checked in advance, you will have your drink faster! Check it out…